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Danielle Keaton is a Board-Certified Music Therapist and has worked at Music To Grow On since 2017. She enjoys writing about all kinds of music and sharing a variety of resources with others.

Making Music with Your Little Ones: Part 2 of 2

Dance parties, blanket parachutes, and homemade instruments, oh my! Making music with your little ones can be fun, easy, and spontaneous. Moreover, research has shown that engaging in music from an early age has been linked to increases in a number of areas, such as social-emotional skills, fine motor skills, language development, pre-academic

Making Music with Your Little Ones: Part 2 of 22020-08-21T22:49:53-07:00

10 Inspirational Songs for Kids & Teens

When the going gets tough, the tough get... singing! Hi everyone, it's Danielle here with MTGO! Do you remember what it was like navigating the world as an adolescent? A period in your life most likely marked by enormous growth, combined with the unavoidable struggles and stressors of simply growing up? Sometimes when

10 Inspirational Songs for Kids & Teens2020-08-04T13:42:48-07:00
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