The interns at Music To Grow On get hands on experience working with clients of every age and a variety of diagnoses. As interns at a mobile company, interns also inherently get to know the entire Greater Sacramento Area, since they’re driving around it every day!

With experience working with clients, parents, and professionals in other disciplines, the students completing their internship with Music To Grow On gain the skills necessary to enter the professional field of Music Therapy with knowledge and confidence.

Livia Umeda
Livia UmedaMusic Therapy Intern

Livia Umeda is a music therapy intern at Music to Grow On, having finished her academic coursework at the University of the Pacific.

Livia first discovered music therapy in her last two years of high school, which she spent shadowing various music therapists. In this first exposure to the field, she had the opportunity to observe those: with Traumatic Brain Injuries, in memory care or geriatric facilities, children with disabilities, and many others. To this day, she is still awestruck by the effects of music therapy, which has the ability to improve memory, cognitive skills, motor skills, and more! During practicum experiences at the University of the Pacific, she worked with a variety of clients including those: with mental health disorders, who are in geriatric/ memory care facilities, children with disabilities, and adults with speech and language disorders. She is excited to use music therapy as a conduit toward positive impacts!

In college, she held many leadership positions at the school, state, regional, and international levels. These included roles such as University of the Pacific student representative for the California Association for Music Therapy (2017-2018), President of the Western Region of the American Music Therapy Association for Students (2019-2020), and now is the North American Student Delegate for the World Federation of Music Therapy (2020-2023). She loves pushing boundaries to provide support, resources, and educational opportunities to as many people as possible.

Jenny Zhang
Jenny ZhangMusic Therapy Intern
Jenny Zhang, MT intern, was born and raised in Northern California. She recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with her bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology.

She discovered the profession of Music Therapy in her first year of university. Had she not attended university for music, she would’ve studied psychology or sociology. She’s always believed in the power of music, and she’s always wanted to learn more about people as individuals and as a collective. When she stumbled upon Music Therapy, it felt like these two words collided into a happy medium.

She’s had the opportunity to explore and work with a wide range of populations, including but not limited to hospice, inpatient psychiatry, and children with chronic illnesses. She discovered that she thoroughly enjoys working with all populations, for she believes that there is a way to connect with every individual and that everyone is deserving of unconditional care.

She believes that music is powerful, and people are powerful. She hopes to continuously learn and grow as a therapist and empower individuals around her to step into their power as an individual. She believes that operating from a place of compassion, vulnerability, and unconditional care, allows people to focus on and embrace their humanity. She believes that Music Therapy can accomplish all this and more, and she hopes to help catalyst this growth.